Installing Starter Shingles On Rake

Installing Starter Shingles On Rake

Speeds installation and helps improve safety. Remember, the sealant on starter courses.

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Align starter shingle roll with eave & rake edge granular side up with the seal strip closest to the outer edge of the roof.

Installing starter shingles on rake. Fasten shingles at the rakes according to. Starter strip plus shingle can extend no greater than 3⁄ 4 beyond the edge of the eave. For rake application, install drip edge first before applying.

Starter strip plus shingle advantages: Special waterproof shingle underlayment at the eaves or ice barrier determination lower edges of the roof, in addition to installing adequate ventilation and proper insulation in the attic. Starter strip plus shingle eliminates the need to cut off tabs or headlap.

The shingle manufacturer requires a starter strip to be installed along the eaves. The code in minnesota requires this special waterproof shingle. Place it beneath each shingle against the drip edge;

Will allow a smooth and uniform transition for applied shingles. As with the eave edges, the starter strip must overhang the rake edge one quarter to three quarters of an inch. Then, slide the hook knife in your direction and it will score the bottom of the shingle.

This starter can be used with shingles that have an exposure of no more than 6; If the exposure is greater than 6, a full starter (15½ x 393⁄ 8) would be required. It is imperative that you keep the starter row square to the roof.

The starter strip on the roof is incorrectly installed. Starter shingle roll along a clean, dry and smooth eave line or rake edge, after removing the release sheet.apply the starter shingle roll directly onto the weatherlock® underlayment or a layer of felt. Choose an outer edge to begin laying your shingles.

Control line and nail them down, four nails per shingle. It’s easy for a single person to position starter strip shingle. Begin by laying the strip with the sealant side up, closest to the rake edge.

Once it is pressed into place, you’re ready to begin shingling. Maximum thickness of flashing cement shall be ⅛ in. After applying the starter shingles at the eaves, but prior to installing the field shingles, starter shingles may be applied up the slope at the rake edge with sealant facing out and nearest to the outer roof edge.

At the eave, it seals the bottom edge of the first course of shingles, and, at the rake, it helps seal the shingle ends in each course. The starter strip is also required to be secured with 5 fasteners, placed 2 or 3 inches up from the eaves edge. Do not remove the perforated top section.

Apply remaining 131 ⁄4 x 20 piece, followed by full 131 4 x 40 pieces along the eave. Installation of shingles at rakes (drip edge installed over underlayment): There are a couple methods i employ to help hold the shingles down along rake edges:

Install a course (row) of starter shingles along the eaves and rakes with roofing nails according to the manufacturer’s instructions, aligning them correctly with the drip edge on the eaves and rakes. Extend the shingles over the rake and eaves about 1⁄2 (13 mm) if drip edge is used, or about 3⁄4 (19 mm) if no (see application instructions on back.) the starter shingle roll advantages:

Position the starter strip so that it overlaps the eave starter strip by at least three inches. When separated, each starter shingle is 65⁄ 8 x 393⁄ 8, and each bundle will cover approximately 100 lineal feet. At this location, the sealant is very useful:

The blade should be facing up. Installation of starter strip shingle starter strip shingle is designed to be broken into two pieces, and each piece has its own sealant strip. Remove release backer and press to assure full adhesion to the underlayment.

Cut 20 off the first bottom piece. Another is to bed the shingles in a wide strip of asphalt roof cement. This starter can be used with shingles that have an exposure of no more

When laying your shingles, butt them tight against each other as you move down a row. The adhesive strips should be facing upwards. Start fi rst starter strip plus shingle with 6 removed from the rake edge and fl ush with the drip edge.

Use four nails on these starter shingles as shown on field shingle product wrap. As discussed above, a critical requirement for starter shingles is that they do have sealant, down at the shingle’s lower edge (or outer edge at the rake). You may need to trim the first starter shingle to establish the correct joint stagger with successive courses of shingles.

You will completely cover the starter row with roofing shingles and create an 1/8” lip over the rack edge.

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